Vacuum Feedthroughs

The A&N electrical feedthrough line is used to transfer low voltage (50 volts max.), high current electrical power into a vacuum atmosphere. Our feedthrough features one-piece construction, eliminating any possible leakage through weld joints.

Rotary motion feedthroughs are available in two designs. Elastomersealed rotary feedthroughs and ferro-sealed rotary feedthroughs. The elastomer sealed feedthrough utilizes a double o-ring seal. The ferro-sealed rotary feedthrough uses ferrofluid o-ring technology to provide a reliable vacuum seal, high RPM and high torque capacity all at a price unmatched for its features. Ferro-Sealed rotary feedthroughs are available in multiple flange connection designs.

Fluid and gas feedthroughs transmit fluids, cryogenic cooling agents or gasses into high and ultrahigh vacuum chambers.These feedthroughs are available with multiple tubing and flange connection options.

General feedthroughs serve many useful purposes. Attach a vacuum measurement device, add a gas backfill line, mount metal or glass tubing, connect your bulkhead port to an ISO-QF or CF flange orclose an unused bulkhead port with a blank-off feedthrough.

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