A&N Corporation High Vacuum Components

Can-Vac Technologies is a representative of A&N Corporation, a manufacturer of high vacuum components since 1965 offering researchers and laboratories an extensive line of standard high and ultra high vacuum components, as well as custom valves and process chambers. A&N products are designed to meet or exceed the standards required by industrial and academic users, such as those involved with thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics and the aerospace industry.

Glass Components & Chamber Accessories

A&N provides a wide variety of borosilicate glass and fused quartz vacuum observation viewports (windows). You will find an option for vacuum chambers operating high and ultra-high levels of vacuum.

Weldable viewports provide a simple method of adding an observation window to coating systems and other applications that deposit materials onto the inner surfaces of the chamber. The window material (borosilicate glass or quartz) in these viewports is replaceable. The window material is captured between a pair of sealing fluoroelastomer rings. The assembly is compressed together by the aluminum retaining flange. Note that because this is a fluoroelastomer sealed assembly the ultimate pressure rating for this viewport is limited to high vacuum.

Add-a-doors are an excellent way to provide physical access to the interior of your vacuum system. Add-a-doors bolt onto an existing standard flange port on your chamber and can function as a viewing window as well as access point for your system. The body of an add-a-door is a CF flange generally capable of UHV pressures, but the door is sealed with a fluoroelastomer O-ring. Thus the ultimate vacuum pressure rating for this component is limited to high vacuum. NOTE: A&N’s viewport add-a-doors have been designed to allow for the replacement of the windows.

Glass to metal adapters allow vacuum users to transition from glass to metal components within their vacuum system. An excellent solution is to pair a glass to metal adapter with a quick disconnect fitting. See Section 8 for more quick disconnect information.

Up-to-Air valves are a useful accessory. They are used to vent atmosphere or gas into a system. These valves are available with a wide variety of connection flanges and fittings to facilitate installation.

General vacuum accessories are the little things that you don’t miss…until you need one. Vacuum grease, anti-seize, flange caps to protect unused vacuum products and 12-point wrenches.

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