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General Pump Inventory

Our  general pump inventory is available in the right sidebar by type and by manufacturer. Inventory changes weekly. Contact us for availability and price.

A&N Corporation High Vacuum Components

Can-Vac Technologies is a representative of A&N Corporation. A&N Corporation is a manufacturer of high vacuum components since 1965 offering researchers and laboratories an extensive line of standard high and ultra high vacuum components, as well as custom valves and process chambers.

A&N products are designed to meet or exceed the standards required by industrial and academic users, such as those involved with thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics and the aerospace industry.

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Inland Vacuum Fluids and Lubricants

Can-Vac Technologies is the Canadian representative for Inland Vacuum who manufactures and distributes a complete line of vacuum pump fluids and lubricants to the vacuum industry for over thirty years.

We understand the importance of using the highest quality products in many vacuum systems to optimize performance, resist degradation and thermal decomposition. Our service and technical staff are available to provide advice and assistance continually. You can rest assured that every effort will be made to secure your trust in both our products and organization.

The Inland Vacuum product line includes:

  • Mechanical Pump Fluids
  • Diffusion Pump Fluids
  • Fomblin Products
  • Santovac Fluids

Plus many other fluid and grease lines.

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KLA-Tencor Hi-Resolution Surface Analysis

High resolution surface analysis instrumentation. Our comprehensive products include Low Force Stylus-Type Profilers and Non-Contact Optical Interferometers. A range of industries, including general scientific and materials research, optoelectronics, and data storage, require measurements of surface topography to either control their processes or research new material characteristics. Typical surface measurement parameters which we address include flatness, roughness, curvature, peak-to-valley, asperity, waviness, texture, volume, sphericity, slope, density, stress, bearing ratio, and distance mainly in the micron to nanometer range.

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Vacuum Pump Repair Kits

We offer a complete line of vacuum repair kits for rotary vane, blowers, turbo’s and certain dry (QDP) and scroll vacuum pumps. Both major and minor kits.

Helium Leak Detectors

In recent years we have started to rebuild Helium Leak detectors and have a large surplus of rebuilt units ready for sale.