A&N Corporation High Vacuum Components

Can-Vac Technologies is a representative of A&N Corporation, a manufacturer of high vacuum components since 1965 offering researchers and laboratories an extensive line of standard high and ultra high vacuum components, as well as custom valves and process chambers. A&N products are designed to meet or exceed the standards required by industrial and academic users, such as those involved with thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics and the aerospace industry.

High Vacuum Valves

A&N Corporation offers three main types of vacuum shut-off valves for your application. Each type regulates gas flow through your system with simple open or close commands. These valves are designed to perform fully opened or closed. The standard design is not meant for flow control, but is a simple off/on control mechanism for your vacuum system.

Poppet Valves are made of a body, actuator and internal poppet. The actuator transports the poppet linearly. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve the internal body cavity is open to the system and flow is unimpeded.Once the actuator moves the poppet to the bottom of the valve an elastomer sealing ring is compressed onto a sealing surface on the lower body of the valve. This creates a vacuum tight seal and stops flow. Poppet valves are available in three body styles; 90? Angle, Offset In-Line and In-Line.

Gate Valves provide straight through, unimpeded flow with the smallest valve body profile. Gate valves are ideal for space-constrained applications that require maximum conductance. A central carriage or gate is raised and lowered by the actuator within the body. In the open position the gate retracts completely from the tube aperture allowing unrestricted flow. In the closed position an elastomer sealing ring is compressed against a sealing surface on the inside of one of the body ports.

Ball Valves offer straight, unimpeded flow with minimal impact on system space needed to accommodate the valve body. Ball valves are durable valves that are less sensitive to particulate contamination than the other valve types and are especially useful in dirty vacuum applications. Ball valves are made of a body, stem, ball and end caps. The ball is compressed within the body by end caps creating a vacuum tight central cavity. The valve is opened and closed by turning the stem 90? back and forth. The hole in the ball provides unobstructed flow in the open position and the sealing seat for the ball wipes the ball clean as it is opened and closed providing a consistent seal.

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